Stupidly Simple Nutrition for Mountain Bikers
Stupidly Simple Nutrition for Mountain Bikers
Stupidly Simple Nutrition for Mountain Bikers
Stupidly Simple Nutrition for Mountain Bikers

Stupidly Simple Nutrition for Mountain Bikers

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Most Mountain Bikers Don't Know How To Eat To Fuel their riding. Do you?

"The book is as it says - a simple, clear and concise guide to MTB nutrition" - Andrew B

Guide Highlights

  • Read by thousands of mountain bikers in 51 countries all around the world. Read real reviews at the bottom of the page 
  • One off payment! You pay £17.50 and get unlimited access for life

  • Full money back guarantee! If you aren’t happy for any reason then receive a full refund 
  • Specifically designed to increase energy on the bike, accelerate your progress and massively improve your recovery

  • Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians 
  • Instant access. The programme is a digital download, which means you could have access in just a few minutes from now...
  • Officially recommended by the British Heart Foundation. MTB Fitness is the official training partner of the BHF’s Off-Road charity rides, helping thousands of riders prepare every year

A note to my many visitors outside of the UK. You can still buy the programme! In fact, it's currently been bought in 43 countries around the world. To find out how much it will cost, just google '£39.50 into XXX currency'. For example '£39.50 into USD'. When you pay, your bank will automatically convert it into your currency at today's exchange rate. The programme is in PDF format so can be instantly downloaded.

How can Stupidly Simple Nutrition for Mountain Bikers transform your riding, energy levels and recovery like it has for riders in 51 countries?

This is the eagerly awaited nutrition guide from Matt Mooney of MTB Fitness. The info in this guide is based on 8 years of full - time experience, working with hundreds of personal training clients and studying from many of the world's best nutritionists and trainers.

This booklet gives your everyday mountain biker stupidly simple nutrition advice specific to mountain biking! It's kept really simple and to the point. You'll find no fluff, no long confusing scientific words and no fad diets or magic pills! This is just good, simple to follow nutrition advice that any rider can use.

My aim with this guide is to teach you how to eat right for life so you can see huge benefits on the bike. I give examples of great meals and snacks to have, and give a 7 day example week to use as a guide. What I really want you to do with this guide however, is learn how to build a really healthy lifestyle and be able to walk into any restaurant, shop or kitchen and know what you can eat to be at your best!

I don't want you to become a zombie ONLY following my set meal plan. What I want you to do is take the advice in this guide, learn the tools needed for great nutrition...and then use this to get your nutrition right. That means that the main focus of this guide is educating you on nutrition, so you don't just blindly follow along. Of course, I'll be here to help every step of the way. You can email at and ask in the Facebook group with all your questions.

A note - this guide does not contain any recipes, but it does give many meal and snack ideas and gives the tools to know how to create your own tasty and healthy meals.

In the 62 page guide I show you : 

  • What foods are best for having optimal energy levels both on and off the bike! I teach you what you should be eating through the day to benefit not only your riding, but your day-day life as well.

  • What you should be eating before, during and after your ride, to have optimal energy levels and recover properly between rides. The guidance shows you how to fuel for different lengths of ride - from short 90 minute spins, up to big epic days out - and it shows you how to refuel after, so you hit the next one raring to go!
  • For those who need to shift some unwanted weight, I show you how to use the guidance in the booklet to do this, whilst maintaining high energy levels on the bike and for those who struggle to gain, I show you this too.

  • Great snack ideas for on and off the bike, example 'perfect 7 day' meal plan, advice on banishing cravings and tons more. Just check out the contents page on the photos above for the full page-by-page breakdown.

    *The guide is in digital PDF format. When you buy the guide, you will be emailed a download link to download the guide. It can be used on any of your devices and is also printer friendly.* 


Ask a Question
  • Does the nutrition plan conflict with type 2 diabetes and needing to lower blood sugars?

    Potentially, you will need to speak to your doctor to get specific advice for you :)

  • Does this plan cater to, or is it possible to adapt it to, a vegetarian or plant based diet?

    Yes :). The guide works great for vegetarians and vegans alike.

  • Hello all . I've been riding and racing Cross Country for around 7 years with some success in my age group . I have asked or help from many sources . The answer is always "keep doing whatever you are doing " I do one hour sessions at the Gym 4 days a week and ride on dirt trails and single track 3/4 days a week for about 90mins each ride about 25kms . I don't have a clue on what I'm doing , I know I don't eat as well as I should , I'm not loosing weight at all, gaining a little I'm 10 to 15kg over weight everyone is reluctant to advise me . I'm sure it is because of my age I'm 72 very soon . I suspect advise for a 20 or 30 year old would be different for me . What do you think ? Can your Program help me ?

    Hello! Thanks for the question. It absolutely can help, yes. First up with the weight. You are almost definitely eating more calories than you are burning. Focus on eating less than you burn to lose weight. I chat about this in detail in my nutrition guide. The 12 Week Programme will really help you get the most from your gym plans and go from a random workout to a detailed and focused one that will help you on the bike. If you have more questions email me to

  • Does the guide cater for coeliacs?

    Not specifically, but you can adapt it to suit you with no issues. It's a guide that focused on educating you around how to build a good diet to suit you, not a strict 'you must eat this food at this time' type plan.

  • I do road Bike, does the nutrition guide applies as to MTB? For example, does the plan during the rides applies as well for long road bike rides?

    Yep, the guidance in the guide will work great for both

  • Are the guides helpful to people with physically active day jobs who also like to throw in mt biking at the end of a days work? I don’t think I eat enough of the right foods to give me the energy to do both!

    Absolutely! In fact I’d say proper nutrition is even more important in a situation like this!

  • Are the guides only on pdf or is a hard paper copy available? Many thanks

    Hey, the products are all in digital format only. However you can upload the PDF to an online printer when purchased. These will deliver it your door more cheaply than printing yourself.