E-MTB : 21 Tips To Power Up Your E-Mountain Bike Experience

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E-MTB : 21 Tips To Power-Up Your E-Mountain Bike Experience


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You've got the bike, now learn how to get the most from it.

E-Mountain Bikes are an incredible invention. They allow people to ride more descents in less time, to keep riding into older age, to manage health issues or to build their fitness up in a manageable way. But you already know this, you have one and you love it.

Whatever reason you ride an e-bike, this guide will help you get the most from it. You'll learn how to improve your fitness and really 'power up' your e-MTB experience! 

The guide is split into three sections

- The Mental Side

- The Physical Side

- The Riding Side

In the mental side, you will learn tips to mentally make the most of your e-MTB and build the mindset needed to progress and enjoy your rides to the max.

In the physical side, we dive into tips to improve your fitness, strength, flexibility, recovery and more.

Finally, in the 'riding side', you learn tips to utilise while on the bike, such as when to use which power mode and how to build fitness without injuring yourself.

More smiles. More miles.

Improve Your E-Mountain Bike experience

Learn how to manage range anxiety, how to best utilise use the modes on your e-MTB, how to build strength to manoeuvre and lift the bike, how to improve fitness, how to decrease aches and pains and tons more...

In this guide you will learn :

- The best way to deal with 'e-Bike hate' and not let it ruin your rides

- The truth around whether riding an e-MTB is 'cheating' and why (the answer probably isn't what you think...)

- How to set clear, inspiring and achievable goals to aim for

- How to manage range anxiety and plan your rides to really maximise the bike's strengths

- How to improve recovery, decrease aches and pains, build strength and all around build a strong body to really make the most from your bike

- And tons more including why resistance training is great for e-MTBers, the best way to lift the bike over un-rideable obstacles, how to balance riding both a powered and non-powered bike, how to build your fitness while using different assistance modes and the list goes on