MTB Mindset

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Are you ready to master your mind so you can achieve any goal, conquer any feature and overcome your fears on the bike?

Then get stuck into this brand new e-book from MTB Fitness!

In order to ride at your peak you MUST have a strong, positive and adaptable mindset. You need to build a great 'MTB Mindset'. This guide is dedicated to showing you just how to do that. 

The guide is split into two distinct sections.

The first half focuses on your 'off the bike' mindset, while the second half goes deep into your 'on the bike' mindset.

Before you can even consider riding at your peak on the bike, you need to make sure your mindset is nailed off the bike​​​​​​​. The guide is split in two to ensure you get both nailed.

Off The Bike Mindset

In the off the bike section you will dive into topics such as setting clear goals, staying consistent with your training and nutrition, overcoming set backs, building and maintaining a positive mindset, staying motivated and disciplined and tons more.

Then in the on the bike section you will find...

Expert guidance from one of the best skills coaches in the uk

On The Bike

In the 'on the bike' section you will discover 3 distinct areas where mindset is crucial :

- Improving your climbing and endurance 

- Preparing for and performing at MTB events

- Mastering descending, overcoming fear and learning to hit any and all scary features

In the final section on mastering descending, overcoming fear and learning to hit scary features you will learn from one of the best skills coaches in the UK, Ben from We Ride MTB Coaching. 

Ben has been riding for 25 years and has been racing since the 90's. He's a full time skills coach and guide with a 3+ month waiting list to work with him in person!

More smiles. More miles.

Enjoy riding even more.

When you master your MTB Mindset not only do you ride faster, more confidently and more decisively, but you also enjoy riding more. With less fear and more belief in yourself you can send your enjoyment of riding through the roof.

Over 121 PAGES & 42 Tips you will learn :

- A proven step by step system to breakdown any new trail feature, drop, jump or scary section of trail. This system removes the guess work from hitting new features and allows you to conquer any obstacle you come across on the trail.

- The truth around FEAR! Can you get over fear? Do pro riders feel fear? Can you use fear to your advantage? What actually is fear? You will learn how to conquer fear, rather than have it conquer you.

- How to set clear, inspiring and achievable goals and then how to achieve those goals every single time.

- How to push through the pain barrier on climbs, keep going when things get tough and build unstoppable mental toughness so you can take on any MTB challenge.

- A 4 step process to use on days where you feel demotivated and don't want to ride or train. This process will get you out of the door and onto your bike, or at the gym, every single time.

- The truth around laziness, motivation and sticking to what you say you will do. This guide will show you how to make your mind work for you, not against you.

- And tons more incuding building stepping stones from where you are now to where you want to be, handling pre-event nerves, keeping an organised mind, building self confidence, the power of 'reframing', using your brains 'reticular activating system' to achieve your goals and absolutely loads more!