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MTB Fitness - Mountain Bike Training & Nutrition Guidance
MTB Fitness - Mountain Bike Training & Nutrition Guidance
MTB Fitness - Mountain Bike Training & Nutrition Guidance

Welcome to the plan that has transformed the fitness of over 10,000 mountain bikers.

Now it's your turn.

The now famous 12 Week Mountain Bike Training Programme is designed specifically for mountain bikers who want to be fitter, faster and stronger on the bike.

It is designed to work for all fitness levels, whether you are a complete novice or an experienced racer.

Train at home. Or in the gym.

You receive both gym and home plans for the full 12 weeks. Train at home or on the road with only a resistance band and your bodyweight. Or utilise a full gym setup with the gym plans. No other plan gives you this flexibilty at such a low price.

Zero Risk. Just results.

Every 3 hours someone new buys the programme. It's available in every country in the world. And it's backed by the MTB Fitness 60 day money back guarantee. Not happy for any reason? Receive a full refund.

MTB Fitness - Mountain Bike Training & Nutrition Guidance

Designed by an expert.

Perfected by a mountain biker.

The owner of MTB Fitness, Matt Mooney, is an obsessed mountain biker and has been a Personal Trainer since 2013. Blending experience on the bike with expertise as a trainer has resulted in the best possible training programme for mountain bikers.

One payment. Lifetime access.

No monthly commitment.

The Programme comes as a digital download. As soon as you purchase it, you are sent an email with the download link. You use your personal link to download the guide to any and all of your devices. The guide contains everything you need to follow the full 12 weeks of the programme. It never expires. You keep it forever. There is no monthly subscription. Pay once and it's yours forever.

How it works.

Simple to follow. Extraordinary results.

The programme is very simple to follow. You first choose whether to follow the gym plans or the 'home' plans. The gym plans use a typical commercial gym. The home plans only require a resistance band and can be done anywhere so whether you want to train from home or on the road, you can. You also do interval sessions which require any kind of bike (indoor trainer, road bike, mountain bike etc.).

Have questions as you go through the plan? You can use the 40,000 strong Facebook group to ask other followers and get a rapid response or email me directly for a personal response.

How often do you train?

The plan fits into even the busiest of lives.

Each week you do 3 resistance sessions (home or gym) plus 2 interval sessions. The resistance sessions take around 40-50 minutes each. The interval sessions take around 30 minutes.

If you are on a tight schedule though, the plan can be easily tweaked. You may want to take 10 days to complete 7 days of the plan for example. If you have any questions about making the plan fit into your specific schedule, then email me at

MTB Fitness - Mountain Bike Training & Nutrition Guidance

do it right

Detailed videos of every exercise

Whether you do the gym or the home plans, you get detailed demo videos of every single exercise. You'll learn how to do every exercise perfectly and the common pitfalls to avoid. These can be viewed on any device. Anywhere.

Watch an example

Included in the programme

- The very best mountain bike specific training plans, with HD videos demonstrating each exercise. These mean you can get fitter and stronger for all aspects of mountain biking, whether it's the climbs, the descents or anything in between.

- Structured and specific interval sessions for you to complete every week. These interval plans detail the exact speed, resistance, rest and work time of each interval, taking away all the guesswork and guaranteeing you the best results in the shortest space of time. You can complete these either on a static gym bike, turbo trainer or outside on a 'real' bike. These work all the different aspects of fitness required for mountain biking, from the short, sharp sprints to the long, lung-busting climbs.

- Mountain-biker-specific daily stretches that will help correct your 'riders posture'. Mountain bikers aren't known for their great posture. We spend hours hunched over the bike. This is compounded by more time spent in the car, at a desk or sat watching TV. Poor posture can leave you open to injury, and also limit your movement and ability to transfer power to the bike. The programme contains daily stretches that take 5-10 minutes to complete. These target the areas that are tight in most mountain bikers to help you reduce injury, move better on the bike and feel much more flexible.

- 35 free bonus pages! These detail the best ways to ensure you are recovering properly between your rides and workouts, show you how to set goals properly, give tips on how to complete the plan and tons more!