12 Week Mountain Bike Training Programme
12 Week Mountain Bike Training Programme
12 Week Mountain Bike Training Programme
12 Week Mountain Bike Training Programme
MTB Fitness - Mountain Bike Training Programme
12 Week Mountain Bike Training Programme

12 Week Mountain Bike Training Programme

Regular price £ 39.50


See Real Improvements On The Bike Within The First 60 Days Or Get Your Full Money Back!

"My friend said it was like I was on an e-bike on the climbs! I was overtaking people that had a big head start! I'm so excited to see how fit and strong I get by the end of the plan!"

Programme Highlights

  • Followed by thousands of mountain bikers in 55 countries all around the world. Read hundreds of reviews at the bottom of the page 
  • One off payment! You pay £39.50 and get unlimited access for life

  • Full money back guarantee! If you aren’t happy for any reason then receive a full refund 
  • Specifically designed to improve every aspect of your mountain biking. From stronger descending to easier and faster climbing. And from better long-distance endurance to more explosive power

  • Corrects muscle imbalances for reduced aches and pains, better posture, less injuries and easier movement on the bike
  • Fits around busy schedules so even the busiest of people can stick to the plan
  • Full support in the Facebook group or directly via email helps you stick to the plan and get all your questions answered fast
  • Choose to train at home or in the gym. You get both lots of plans included in the programme 
  • Instant access. The programme is a digital download, which means you could have access in just a few minutes from now...
  • Officially recommended by the British Heart Foundation. MTB Fitness is the official training partner of the BHF’s Off-Road charity rides, helping thousands of riders prepare every year

A note to my many visitors outside of the UK. You can still buy the programme! In fact, it's currently been bought in 43 countries around the world. To find out how much it will cost, just google '£39.50 into XXX currency'. For example '£39.50 into USD'. When you pay, your bank will automatically convert it into your currency at today's exchange rate. The programme is in PDF format so can be instantly downloaded.

How can the 12 Week MTB Training Programme transform your riding like it has for thousands of riders in 43 countries? 

The 12 Week Mountain Bike Training Programme is designed specifically for mountain bikers who want to be fitter, faster and stronger on the mountain bike. It has sold in 43 countries and has been followed by thousands of mountain bikers to date. A copy of the 12 Week Programme is bought, on average, every 3 1/2 hours. It's officially recommended by the British Heart Foundation and is available in every country in the world.

Since starting MTB Fitness in 2016, it has grown to over 200,000 followers on social media and customers in 51 countries all over the world. The one thing I, Matt Mooney - owner of MTB Fitness, am CONSTANTLY asked, is how to train for mountain biking. What exercises should you do? Is there a way to get stronger on the climbs? Is there anything you can do at home in a short space of time? How should you structure your week to get the most from your training and riding? What intervals should you do?

This programme is the answer to those, and many more questions. It took over 12 months and hundreds of hours to build. I could have brought out a rushed plan, scribbled together within a couple of weeks, but I wanted to get it right. I wanted to produce a high-quality programme at a good price, that will get you fantastic results on the bike, and deliver 10-20x the value of what you paid for it. With this programme I believe I deliver on that... I'm so confident in that claim, that it's backed up with the 'MTB Fitness 100% Happy Guarantee'. If you aren't happy in any way, you'll receive a full refund and get to keep the programme for free.

In the programme I show you : 

  • The very best mountain bike specific training plans, with HD videos demonstrating each exercise. These mean you can get fitter and stronger for all aspects of mountain biking, whether it's the climbs, the descents or anything in between. You have 2-3 plans to follow each week. These are updated every 2 weeks, so as you get fitter, the plans get harder. You can choose between separate plans for training at home OR in the gym - whichever you prefer.

  • Structured and specific interval sessions for you to complete every week. These interval plans detail the exact speed, resistance, rest and work time of each interval, taking away all the guesswork and guaranteeing you the best results in the shortest space of time. You can complete these either on a static gym bike, turbo trainer or outside on a 'real' bike. These work all the different aspects of fitness required for mountain biking, from the short, sharp sprints to the long, lung-busting climbs.

  • Mountain-biker-specific daily stretches that will help correct your 'riders posture'. Mountain bikers aren't known for their great posture. We spend hours hunched over the bike. This is compounded by more time spent in the car, at a desk or sat watching TV. Poor posture can leave you open to injury, and also limit your movement and ability to transfer power to the bike. The programme contains daily stretches that take 5-10 minutes to complete. These target the areas that are tight in most mountain bikers to help you reduce injury, move better on the bike and feel much more flexible.

  • The best ways to ensure you are recovering properly between your rides and workouts. Training is only part of the process, you need to recover properly after your sessions and rides too. I show you how to maximise your recovery, meaning you always feel ready to ride, and highlight the signs of poor-recovery. 


    Ask a Question
    • What happens after I pay? How do I access the programme?

      As soon as you make payment for the programme, you are taken to a download page. Simply folllow the link to download the programme. You are also sent a personal download link via email. You can use this to download the programme to all your devices.

    • What if I get stuck or have any questions?

      Signup to the free MTB Fitness Members Group. In there, many other people working through the programme chat to each other and ask questions. You can get help from other followers and also from me (Matt) personally. I answer questions daily in the group. You can be safe in the knowledge that if you get stuck, you'll be able to get help through the group. You can also email me directly.

    • Do I need any equipment?

      Included in the programme are 12 weeks worth of gym plans and 12 weeks worth of seperate home plans. The home plans require only a resistance band to complete, so you can do them from anywhere at all with next to no equipment. You also need access to a static bike, gym bike, indoor trainer or your 'actual' bike to complete the interval sessions.

    • Do I need to go to the gym?

      NO. You can choose between training at home or training in the gym. You get both plans included. You just need one piece of equipment for the home plans (a resistance band). There is a link to the recommended one in the programme, but any resistance band is fine.

    • How does the programme work and how do I follow it?

      The programme comes in digital PDF Format. You download it instantly on payment and then get access to the full 12 weeks of workouts, intervals and daily stretches. You then follow the plans in your own time. You get access for life.

    • How much time will I need?

      You need to train 3x per week (either following the home or the gym plans) do 2x interval sessions. You can combine the interval sessions with either your gym/home workouts, your MTB rides or your commute if you struggle for time. The workouts take 30-40 minutes, so can fit into even the busiest of schedules. The interval sessions take 20-40 minutes.

    • Who is the programme for?

      Every mountain biker who wants to improve their fitness. You get out what you put in and you go at your own pace. The fittest riders will be able to do the plans faster, with heavier weights (for the gym plans) and push themselves harder. The less capable can go at their own pace. All will get great results.

    • I’m overweight. Will this plan help me lose weight. will it be too difficult for me and should I get fitter before starting?

      So this plan is great for overweight people who want to lose weight and it’s helped hundreds of people do exactly that (just read the testimonials below). If you combine the plan with a good nutrition plan, it will really help you lose weight. I would recommend getting a copy of the nutrition guide (available on this website) to help along side the 12 week programme. The plan won’t be too difficult, it’s specially designed to help everyone from the least fit rider to the most fit. The less fit riders can do less reps on the home plans, lift less weight on the gym plans and not push as hard on the intervals. You should start now - don’t wait to ‘get fitter’.

    • What happens after the 12 weeks?

      You've earnt the right to move onto the 16 Week Advanced Programme! This is the follow on programme to the 12 Week Programme. It builds on all of the progress you make in the first programme. You also have access to the 12 Week Programme for life, so you can re-do portions if you like.

    • Can I buy the programme in my country?

      YES. The programme has been bought in 43 countries (and growing). With it being in PDF (digital) format you can instantly download it wherever you are in the world. Payment is available via many methods including Paypal. For an idea of cost just google '£39.50 into ' or pay via Paypal.

    • What sort of resistance band do you need? I've seen sets available with various resistances; I'm trying to understand whether I just need to buy one, or a whole set with a range of resistances.

      Ones with varying resistance and a good quality handle are best. Feel free to email me to matt@mtb.fitness for more help

    • Di I need heart rate monitor or be able to measure power, cadence etc?

      Nope :). You can measure cadence with a 'metronome app' on your phone and use the highest resistance you can while hitting that cadence

    • I'm in the US..how do I get the pricing to reflect USD?

      Scroll to the very bottom of the page, click the little drop down menu and select USD/$. You will then be able to shop in USD.

    • Hello, do I need special equipment as cadence, speed or heart beat sensor to follow the training?

      Nope. You can follow the intervals on a static bike or outside on your road/mountain bike. You can use a cadence sensor, but if you don't have one download a free 'metronome' app for your phone which will play a beep on the stroke at the correct cadence. The intervals work off RPM, Resistance and set periods of time so are really simple to follow.

    • Hi, I'm 66 years old slightly overweight, drink slightly too much red wine but love getting out on my MTB & going to the gym. Want to enter the BHF Peak District event in April, is this course including nutrition right for me ? Thanks, Paul

      Absolutely. MTB Fitness is actually the official training provider for the BHF off-road events (have a read of my articles in the training section on the BHF website) so I'm really familiar with the Peak District event. The Programme & Nutrition Guide will absolutely help you prepare for it as best you can.

    • Are there demo videos for each exercise?

      Yep, you just click the name of each exercise to be taken to a private video demo

    • Hi, can you download this to a kindle?

      Yep. It's in PDF format which is accessible on Kindle.

    • How much of the program benefit for the MTB would be transferred into road riding?

      Very much so. While the programme is specific to mountain biking, the stronger and fitter you are the fitter you will be for any sport. Road cycling included

    • Do you only get access to a PDF or is there also a hard copy mailed to you?

      PDF only. However you can upload it to an online printer and cheaply get it delivered

    • Is there a nutrition pack included with the 12 week training plan?

      The nutrition guide is a seperate product available on the website :)

    • Why is the programme so low priced?

      My mission with MTB Fitness is to help every rider in the world get fitter, faster and stronger on the bike. The programme is so low priced to lower the entry barrier for people as much as possible. I toyed with charging 4-6x the cost of the programme, but decided I wanted to make the programme available to as many people as possible at as low of a price is possible. The graphic design costs alone were 50 times the price of the programme. You get a high valued product for a really low price.