MTB Fitness Advanced MTB Training Programme
NEW 16 Week Advanced MTB Training Programme
NEW 16 Week Advanced MTB Training Programme

NEW 16 Week Advanced MTB Training Programme

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A note to my many visitors outside of the UK. You can still buy the programme! In fact, the programmes have been purchased in 34 countries around the world. To find out how much it will cost, just google '40 GBP into *your* currency'. When you pay, your bank will automatically convert it into your currency at today's exchange rate. The programme is in PDF format so can be instantly downloaded.

This is the brand new follow on programme for those who have completed the 12 Week MTB Training Programme. Start with the 12 Week Programme and then move on to this one.

What is the 16 Week Advanced MTB Training Programme? 

This is the brand new follow on for those who have completed the 12 Week Programme! This plan is tough. The workouts are tough. The intervals are horrible. A lot of the exercises are advanced. It's going to make you work. If you are reading this though, that probably gets you a little excited. You know from following the 12 Week programme that the harder you work off the bike, the better your fitness and strength on the bike. 

A good training programme needs to build on itself week after week and month after month. You'll have found in the 12 week programme, that each month the plans got harder and harder. This progresses on from there. The first month is tough, and they build up from there. Your body gets used to doing the same thing, so if you follow the same plan for too long (more than 4-6 weeks) your results will start to stagnate. This plan will build on the progress you made in the 12 week programme and blast your fitness, strength, flexibility and confidence to the next level!

Included in the programme : 

  • New advanced mountain bike specific training plans, with HD videos demonstrating each exercise as before. These mean you can really build on the strength,  flexibility and fitness you built in the first 12 weeks and take everything up a notch. You have 2 advanced plans to follow each week. These are updated every 2 weeks, for the full 16 weeks, so as you get fitter, the plans get harder. You can choose between separate plans for training at home OR in the gym - whichever you prefer. You get both included in the programme.

  • New Structured and specific interval sessions for you to complete every week, twice a week. These interval plans detail the exact speed, resistance, rest and work time of each interval, taking away all the guesswork and guaranteeing you the best results in the shortest space of time. You can complete these either on a static gym bike, turbo trainer or outside on a 'real' bike just like before. These intervals are tough. You'll find you are working harder than on the intervals in the 12 week programme and really pushing yourself. Of course, this means great fitness on the bike! 

  • New daily stretches. These 6 stretches, when completed daily, will really help you improve your flexibility and posture. Because the stretches are new to you, you'll find that you get further improvements to your flexibility and mobility, as they will be stretching your muscles in slightly different ways and at different angles than before.

  • Tons of new info on advanced goal setting, becoming unstoppable on the bike, what makes a rider advanced, recovery tips and loads more. Like before, half the booklet is detailed information allowing you to advance your knowledge further