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Weightloss for mountain biking (1/4)

I'm going to start the 4 factors to lose weight this week with the simplest of the 4...   Move more! Weightloss is all about being in a calorie deficit.   The more you move, the more calories  you burn. It sounds simple - but it makes SUCH a big difference. When I used  to train people full time, 6 days a week, I could eat WHATEVER I wanted and not put on any body fat because I was on my feet for 8-12 hours a day.   No I split my time between 3 days in the gym with clients and 3 days a week on MTB Fitness. It's been interesting to see how much more I have to watch...

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The 4 factors of weight loss for mountain biking

Weightloss is simple, get into a calorie deficit  and you will lose weight. Simple doesn't always mean easy though.   How do you eat enough to feel full and have enough energy to ride...but  little enough to lose weight? How do you find the time to fit in all the training?How do you balance eating your meals will what the family wants to eat?I'm going to cover these questions and more this week. I've decided to  dedicate this weeks emails all to helping you lose weight for your riding. First of all though...there are 4 main factors when it comes  to losing weight which I want to introduce today. Then for the remainder of this weeks emails I'll discuss each one...

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