Will Weight Training Help Your Riding?

My mate Phil is really killing it.
Really training hard on the bike and he has gotten MUCH fitter.
One thing he doesn't do though is lift weights.
I was talking him into 
joining the gym and 
explaining the various benefits 
to him such as : 
- Increased lactate tolerance
- More power 
- More efficiency 
- Better balance
- More strength to power up steep climbs 
- More strength to soak up impacts 
- More protection on crashes
- More strength to throw the bike around 
- Better proprioception (that's knowing where your body is in space)
- Better posture
And a bazillion more benefits.
​​​​​​​Seriously, the benefits are HUGE from weight training
when it comes to your riding.
About 30% of this list already train in the gym...so they 
know the benefits.
The other 70% don't.
​​​​​​​Phil asked me...
"Do you think I would notice a difference if 
I started weight training"
100% he would notice a difference.
And so would you.
If you lift weights in the right way, you will notice a difference 
​​​​​​​on the bike in less than a month. 
Do it right.
And stick at it for 2-4 times per week 
and you WILL notice a difference.
Try it.
There's a reason every pro-rider weight trains.
If you aren't weight training you are missing 
out. Period :) ​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Matt Mooney