Why non racers can benefit from an off-season

Most of us rider's don't have an off-season.
We ride 1-4 times per week in spring, summer, autumn and winter.
Admittedly, we get out more when the weather's nice. And if you
are in a country where riding wet trails isn't permitted you may be
riding less than normal, but generally speaking we don't leave it
long before rides.
​​​​​​​That doesn't mean however that your everyday rider won't benefit
from an off-season.
See, when you ride all summer you pick up various injuries.
​​​​​​​As you know I tore a ligament in my ankle, and I've also cocked
up my left palm from loads of impacts going over the bar.
There's only so much of a beating your body can take from repeated crashes.
If you don't give it time to heal then 
those injuries compound on each other 
and get worse and worse. 
Using the winter to ride slightly less, and spend more
time in the gym or doing bodyweight sessions at 
home means that you can strengthen those weakened 
areas and also get time to recover.
​​​​​​​As well as this, while you don't want to be out in the dark 
​​​​​​​and cold every night on the bike, you can use the opportunity 
to get stronger.
2-3 months of building your leg, core and upper body strength 
will pay HUGE dividends when you get back into riding
season early next year.
Focusing on the gym 2-3 times per week rather than just riding
will really pay off.
You'll find your posture improves...
Strength gets better...
And aches and pains picked up start to dissipate.
As well as this, if you are semi-badly injured, maybe back off a little 
on the hard rides on focus on building your fitness more with some
XC style longer rides and some interval training.
Yes...the adrenaline isn't the same. But, if you graft now for the next 
2 or 3 months, as soon as the trails start to dry out you'll feel like a 
new man.
Rather than getting fat over winter like most, use this time to
get stronger and more bullet proof :)
get a plan together, and start implementing 

Matt Mooney