Why did I start meditating again?

One habit I got into a while back was meditating
through an app called 'headspace'.
Everyday for 10-15 minutes I'd take 10 and go through one of the guided meditations.
I did it for around 3 months consistently and noticed real benefits.
I could focus more easily when I needed to and didn't get distracted as easily.
I felt calmer, more level headed and less rushed day>day. 
And above all it was nice to just sit for 10 minutes and take a little time out.
A few of my successful clients do it (successful businesses, ex athletes etc.) and a ton of well known athletes such as Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Michael Jordan. 
I fell back into the habit a while back and never started again, but last week I decided to get back into it. I did it everyday Monday>Friday last week and started the week again today. I'm aiming for every weekday. 
As a Mountain Biker it's important that when you need to, such as at the top of a descent or on a technical climb, you can get rid of all mental distractions and just focus on the job at hand. The last thing you want to be doing is daydreaming about work when you are flying down a hill...and you are also going to struggle to clean that techy climb if you can't concentrate. 
Meditating has you focus on one thing, in this case the app, and trains you to ignore all other distractions.
It works...and I urge you try it. 
The app I use is called 'headspace' - it's well worth looking up! 
Matt Mooney