What is the 40% rule?

Yesterday I posted a simple post on Facebook : 

"40%. If you know, you know."

If you have been following me for a while, you'll know
all about the 40% rule.

It's a rule that the Navy Seals have. It states that when you 
are spent, when you can't go on, when your energy levels
are through the floor, your legs are on fire and everything 
is screaming at you to stop. When you have hit your limit
and NEED to stop...

that your body is only 40% done.

Your mind gives in way Way WAY before your body does.
It's amazing what you can push through when you tell yourself you have 
more in the tank
One of the comments on the post read : 
"I kept saying this to myself up the last hill of the London to
Brighton Saturday! 90% of the people were pushing their bikes. I pedalled."
Another : 
"You know what. I actually screamed this to myself on
Sunday whilst doing a climb I can never clean at Carron Valley. It
worked as well. 😀 1st time I'd ever done it"
Getting fitter on the bike is a mental game as much as a physical one.

Remind yourself on the toughest climbs : 

"I am only 40% done"

And keep going. 

You'll be amazed how much further you get! 
It's the MTB Fitness way.
40% DONE!

Matt Mooney