Weightloss for mountain biking (4/4)

This week we have covered 3 of the 4 main factors 
when it comes to losing weight for your riding.
Now it comes to training! 
There are tons of ways you can train to lose weight
to benefit your riding.
I like a combination of 3 main ways : 
1. Mountain Bike Rides
2. Interval training sessions (either inside or out)
3. Weight/bodyweight training
A week structured around all the above will get you the best 
results both when it comes to losing weight...but also improving 
your fitness and strength on the bike too.
The way you split your week will completely vary from person to person
but lets assume we have a person who can train 4 solid times per week
and maybe add in a 30 minute bodyweight session too : 

An example week for them may look like this : 
Monday : Weights
Tuesday : Mountain Bike Ride - hard effort 
Wednesday : Rest 
Thursday : Intervals on a static bike 
Friday : Bodyweight Session at home
Saturday : Rest/Family time 
Sunday : Big mountain bike ride with the mates
You see how that works?

You've alternated the types of training days you do back-back and 
spread out your rest days as well.
And by the way : to get the BEST results you really do want 
to do a selection of all the above.

Sure, you will get good fat loss results and you will
get fitter if all you do is ride the bike, but you get the 
BEST results if you hit all bases. 
The intervals really speed up your fitness gains...
And the weights get you much stronger, increase your leg strength,
improve posture, decrease pain and make you way less likely 
to injure yourself among tons of other benefits. I don't always harp
on about weight training because I love it...it's because it works! There's 
a reason EVERY pro-ride weight trains and EVERY athlete weight trains
no matter what the sport is.
The bodyweight sessions are a good way to get fitter and stronger 
while being able to quickly train at home!

A good combination of all the above is going to both help you lose
weight...and give you big benefits on the bike!

Matt Mooney