Weightloss for mountain biking (3/4)

So I was having a conversation an hour ago with my last client of the day.

We were talking about a video from a couple of PT's picking wholes in what Joe Wicks AKA The Body Coach does.

Listen...when it comes to losing weight and it comes to nutrition (the 3rd of this week's 4 factors) there is no one perfect diet. 

The French eat plenty of baguettes and cold meats.
The Germans start the day with a large meat breakfast.
The Japanese eat a load of sushi.
Thai people eat lots of noodles. 
Italians pasta.
Greeks...Greek food.
The fact of the matter is you can be healthy, and you can be slim eating a whole RANGE of different foods. 
The key to lose weight?
Be in a calorie deficit.
Eat food you enjoy eating.
Make sure that food is 'healthy'
Make sure you get a good range of protein, fats and carbs and plenty of vitamins and minerals and you'll be fine.
Don't think that because Paul is a vegan...or Ken eats all protein...or Dave eats paleo, that one is better than the other.
There's plenty of people live till 100 following TONS of different diets. 
Get enough protein.
Eat tons of veg.
And have some carbs and good fats and you are 90% there. 
People overcomplicate nutrition so much and fall into a confirmation bias - where they find any and all evidence that supports THEIR way of eating...and dismiss all others. 
There is no one perfect diet. 
Eat healthy.
Eat what you like. 
Don't binge.
And get enough protein and veggies (and carbs and good fats) and you'll be fine!
What does that look like for me...and my typical clients?
A chicken breast, a few florets of broccoli, a small baked potato and a handful of nuts. 
That's just one example. There are HUNDREDS.
Eat well and stop eating crap and you'll be fine.
If you want to lose weight, don't over complicate it and importantly- find what
works for YOU!
Matt Mooney