Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Mountain Bike Fitness

Lets start the week right. Here's 5 ways to improve your mountain bike fitness : 
1. Ride more
It's so obvious...but so true! The more you ride, the 
fitter you are going to be. Make a real effort to get 
out on those short, extra rides. Even just 30 minutes
makes a difference. The more you get out on the 
bike, the fitter you are going to be. Consider
​​​​​​​commuting to work and taking every chance you
can to get out for a quick spin.
2. Lift weights (or do bodyweight workouts at home)
​​​​​​​Lifting weights, or doing bodyweight sessions at home, is 
hugely important for getting fitter on the bike. Having a strong 
​​​​​​​legs, core and upper body makes a massive difference to
how you feel on the bike. You'll climb better. Descend easier. And
all around just feel miles stronger and fitter on the bike
3. Do intervals 
Intervals are great for boosting your fitness. Grab a static bike (or 
do them outside). Go as fast as you can for X amount of time...say
60 seconds to start with...and then go slow for X amount of time (2 
minutes would be a good start) then repeat. SIMPLE.
4. Stretch more. 

Here's one you may not consider very much. Flexibility on the 
bike is very important. The better your body can move...the 
better you can move on the bike. You need to be able to get 
​​​​​​​your hips down and back on drops and manuals. You need to 
get your hips out in corners. The better you can move on the 
​​​​​​​bike...the more control you will have on the bike
5. Fuel properly 
​​​​​​​Food is hugely important for mountain bikers. Eat right and 
you'll really notice the difference on the bike. There's a reason
​​​​​​​every athlete eats well. Nutrition is so important. Eat well and 
ride well.
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Matt Mooney