Thoughts from a strange week

This weeks been a strange one. An emotional one. A properly upsetting one. 
My Grandad's in a care home with Alzheimer's, he got pneumonia last week - and the long and short of it is he's going to die in the next few days. 
He's not been 'with us' for a while, as the Alzheimer's took over. 
It's the first person I've lost.
Seeing him for the last couple of times this week makes you think a little different, as I'm sure it did/has for you if you have ever lost anyone. 
It's been massively emotional as you would expect...but it also makes you stop and think deeper and in more meaningful ways than you tend to day to day. 
You don't always realise or have in the fore front of your mind that we aren't going to be here forever. 
One day it's going to be too late to get fitter on the bike. 
It's going to be too late to learn to jump. 
It's going to be too late to enter that Enduro race. 
It's going to be too late to lose the weight.
It's going to be too late to just get out on your bike and ride. 
It's going to be too late to go on that biking holiday. 
Me and you are both going to die one day. We won't have chance to do the things we wanted to. It will be too late. 
It properly slams home that what you want to do, what you want to achieve, what you want to enjoy you have to do NOW!
If you want to enter a race - go sign up...TONIGHT! 
If you really want to lose weight put down the pint and start eating better right NOW.
If you want to get better at climbs - go hit the hills and nail yourself over and over up and down the hill until your legs can't take anymore.
Whatever you want to achieve - stop putting it off and DO IT NOW. 
But most of all, I guess it makes you really realise you have to appreciate every moment for what it is. You have to appreciate every ride. Soak in the view at the top of every climb. Treasure the laughs between your mates on the descents. Enjoy every whoop and shout. And take a minute to appreciate how awesome life is and how fantastic it is to have such an awesome sport - and to be able to get out and enjoy the outdoors as much as we do. 
Life is awesome.
But it's going to end one day. 
It's INCREDIBLY motivating to remember it.
To me it makes me want to make the most of every minute. 
Work hard on what you want to achieve right now and appreciate everything you've got. I know this week has made me think exactly that. 
Without my Grandad I probably never would have gotten into the outdoors...and wouldn't be into riding. I bet he would like reading this post if he could and would love the fact that I'm helping people enjoy the outdoors more - even in just a small way. 
Smash it this weekend and have fun 
I just wanted to share my thoughts with you. It's been nice to type it out :). 
Ride on
Matt Mooney