There are no shortcuts

Much like on a Downhill course or an Enduro course
there are ZERO legitimate shortcuts when it comes to 
losing weight and getting stronger, faster and fitter.
There are only faster, smoother, lines.
Those who look for the shortcuts will ultimately fail.
There are no ways to get as fit, strong, fast and as lean 
as you want to be over night. You need to put in the 
effort in day in, day out consistently over a long 
period of time.
The speed you hit your goal is the same as choosing the right 
line on a downhill.
Go barreling through all the roots you can, and take the widest,
bumpiest line and it's going to take longer. 
This is just like trying to drink alcohol every night when losing weight.
Getting 5 hours of sleep when training every day.
Only training once or twice a week.
Having too many 'cheats' each week.
Yes - you can still get to 'the bottom' you can still hit your goals 
but it's going to take a HELL of a lot longer.

The smoother line - cutting alcohol for a short time. Eating good, home
cooked - single ingredient - meals. Training 5-6 days per week with a 
combination of weight training and riding. Sleeping 6-8 hours. And only
having a small cheat meal each week is the SMOOTH line.
Note - I said smooth, not easy
Like on a downhill, taking the faster line is rarely the easiest.
Barreling through the roots straight down the mountain is 
Taking the high line and picking a smooth line through isn't but 
it is usually FASTER.
You have to decide : 
A) What do I want to achieve?
B) How important are my goals to me?

C) How much pain, suffering and discomfort am I willing
to put up with to get there? 

The person who want's '10/10' to get lean and super quick on the 
bike and is willing to put up with ANY pain, will get there fastest 
and reap the best results.
They are willing to go riding at 5am.
To run up the mountain in the snow like Rocky.
To say no over and over and over again to the pints in the pub
To stay up an extra half hour to cook healthy meals.
The less suffering you are willing to put up
with the longer it will take to achieve your goals
and at some point there will be a breaking point 
between achieving your goals - and having to 
give up some of your comforts.
There's nothing wrong with wanting to put in different levels of commitment.
One of my new clients told me honestly that he's 'Too old to go t-total because he 
enjoy's socialising on the weekend and spending time drinking with friends
and family'

There's nothing WRONG with this. We just need to get his food and 
training perfect the rest of the time.
He'll still achieve his goals - it will just take longer and he won't be able 
to get as good results as if he did go T-Total

​​​​​​​This is absolutely fine. He isn't a pro-athlete, he's a 45+ business man 
who wants to have balance in his life. If this makes him happy
then awesome.
It's super important to know what you are willing to give up
to achieve your goals
Be honest with yourself.
Then go get it!
Matt Mooney