The bearer of bad news

If you love your beer you probably 
won't enjoy this email.
But sometimes what you need to hear isn't what you want to hear.
If you want to lose weight, if you are struggling to 
improve on the climbs and if you AREN'T happy 
with your current progress and you regularly drink 
then listen up. 
If you drink a 'decent' amount every week then you'll see big benefits
from cutting down on the alcohol. The thing is with alcohol is :
- It's super calorie dense 
- It contains 'xenoestrogens' which decrease 
testosterone and increase female sex hormones
meaning you are more likely to breakdown 
muscle and store fat
- It makes you feel crap the day after so you aren't going 
to train/ride hard or well
- Your body will burn the energy from alcohol before burning 
fat stores or any food you eat 
- It dehydrates you
- It increases hunger (you don't want to eat well with a hangover do you?)
If you know you should drink less and you 
want to see better results I really recommend you 
do so.

The easy way is to look at how much you drink now
and then just set a goal that is less than this for 
the week.
So...if you currently have 6 pints a week, set a goal for next 
week of 3 pints.
If you have 10 a week...set a goal of 5
Just drink less, then the week after decease it again until 
you get to a point you are happy with.
Now in no way am I telling you you shouldn't drink...but if 
you want to be fitter on the bike, you want more energy, and you
want to lose weight then you are fighting an uphill battle if you 
are drinking too much 
Matt Mooney