The 4 factors of weight loss for mountain biking

Weightloss is simple, get into a calorie deficit 
and you will lose weight.

Simple doesn't always mean easy though.
How do you eat enough to feel full and have enough energy to ride...but 
little enough to lose weight? 

How do you find the time to fit in all the training?

How do you balance eating your meals will what the family wants to eat?

I'm going to cover these questions and more this week. I've decided to 
dedicate this weeks emails all to helping you lose weight for your
riding. First of all though...there are 4 main factors when it comes 
to losing weight which I want to introduce today. Then for the remainder
of this weeks emails I'll discuss each one in detail. 

They are : 
1. Nutrition 
2. Training 
3. Movement 
4. Sleep
You need to eat right to lose weight. It's really difficult to out-train a bad
diet because calories are really easy to consume...and take a lot of 
time and effort to burn off.
Eating right is 80% of losing weight.
Your training is crucial. How much 
you train, how hard you train and 
the types of training you do will all
have a bid impact on your weightloss.
Movement, or how active you are, is the next factor when it
comes to losing weight. Simply put - the more active you are 
in the day, the more calories you burn, and therefore the 
more fat you will lose.
Finally is a factor most don't think about when it comes to weightloss
and that's sleep. If you are sleep deprived it's tough to lose weight,
you have low energy and low motivation. Your cravings increase and 
you actually increase fat storage hormones.

This week I'll go deep on each factor.
You need to be critical of yourself - what can you improve most 
out of the above 4?

You need to get them all right...and you need to do it consistently 
Matt Mooney