Riding Advice from a Navy Seal

I'm reading a cracking book at the moment called "30 days living with a seal'.

An American businessman invites a Navy Seal to come live with him for 30 days. The seal agrees on one condition...

The business man has to do everything the seal says, whenever he says it.

He ends up waking him up at 2am to go run in the rain, punishes the hell out of him and tells him 'by the end of this 30 days you'll be able to do 1000 push ups a day'

Towards the beginning of the book SEAL asks the businessman to meet him in the gym.

He arrives and he says 'ok, let's see what you've got. Do as many pull ups as you can'

He jumps up and barely scrapes 9 but just manages.

'45 seconds then again' says seal

He jumps up and does 7


The business man pushes as hard as he's ever pushed. Really digs deep and gives it everything he's got...and gets 6 pull ups.

"Phew! That was tough! That's more than I've ever done. Nice workout!" He says to the SEAL.

SEAL shows no emotion and says - 'we aren't going anywhere until you've done 100 in a row'

No WAY! The business man thinks.

It takes him 90 minutes.

One pull up at a time followed by a lap of the gym to shake off.

But 90 minutes later and he's done 100.

The day after he can barely move his arms.

The lesson was clear to me though.

Your limits are so So SO far away from where you think they are. You might THINK you are done at 22 pull ups. In reality you have 78 more in you!

The 40% rule in action (or the 22% rule in this case...)

Next time you are out riding, remember...you have so much more in you than you think.

Smash it.

Keep going.

And kick arse!

Matt Mooney