MTB advice from a Navy Seal

I read a quote that I thought 
was just great recently. 

When a lot of us try to improve an area in our life, whether it be our hill climbing...
Or our nutrition...
Or how many miles we can ride for...
Or training hard in the gym...
We research it. We think about it.
We talk about it. We come up with the very best,
most bulletproof plan of what to do...
But then often we don't just DO it.
We don't fully COMMIT to it.
I was reading about an ex-Navy seal who's regarded as one of
the best Navy Seals to have been, and who designed a lot of 
the Seal Team's training regime's, which are world famous for 
being horrendous...but producing the toughest of the tough mentally
as well as physically.
Here's what he said :

"If you want to be tougher mentally, it is simple : be tougher. Don't meditate on it."
It's super simple...but it's the difference between talking and thinking
about doing something...being something...and just BEING IT.
Riding up a minging climb with your legs screaming?
Tell yourself 'be tougher' and carry on riding.
Really want another beer instead of the 2 you have  limited yourself to?
Be tougher.
Want that dessert?
Be tougher.
Don't want to ride because it's dark, raining and windy?
Be tougher.
You can't talk about being tougher. You have to make the decision
and then just GET ON WITH IT. To be tougher you must literally be tougher
I thought this was so simple, yet so awesome. advice to you for the week : 

Matt Mooney