Just do something!

If you are struggling with the motivation 
to ride or train because you are tired/lacking
energy/stressed etc. then there's one technique 
I consistently use to get me training : 
Just do something 
Often the idea of a huge ride...
Or a big workout..
Or a gruelling interval workout...
Can put you off getting the kit on and training.
If you set a TINY goal though, with no expectation
to do more, and start on that you'll find it's easier 
to motivate yourself to get going.

Set yourself a goal of riding ONE mile.
Tell yourself to jog to the end of the street and back.
Just do 5 press ups.
You'll find one of two things will happen : 

1. You will do that, go home, and that's job done.
2. You will get started...and do one mile...then realise you 
may as well carry on and do one more. And one more. And 
before you know it you've done a full ride or a full workout.
If you end up doing option 1, at least you didn't do NOTHING.
And if you end up with option 2. Well then you've won.

It's such a simple technique, but it works wonders when you are 
tired and lacking motivation! 

Matt Mooney