"It's making shit too comfy"

I've got another gem for you today from the book
I'm reading where a businessman, Jesse, gets a SEAL to 
come live with him for 31 days.
The book, for those who were asking, is this : 

(I hope you don't mind swearing...because the book swears 
a lot. It's brilliant,I highly recommend getting it!)
6 days in and SEAL isn't happy with Jesse's current running : 
"Your runs are too predictable," SEAL says as he stares at me stone-faced.


"Yeah, motherfucker...predictable. It's like your legs know what's coming next. It's making shit too comfy. Your body is used to your bullshit jogging routine. Gear up and meet me in five; we're doing intervals."
They head out and run at a steady pace for 3/4 mile 
and then go as hard as they can for 1/4 mile.
"SEAL pushes me so hard on the quarter miles that I can feel my pulse pounding
in my neck. I can literally take my pulse by just counting the thumps exploding from 
my neck.
At the end of the run I'm gasping for air."
Now THAT is effort.

THAT is how intervals should feel.
It's like SEAL says in the book : 
"There's only one rule in training: If it doesn't suck, we don't do it."
How easy is it to treat our riding like Jesse treated his runs before 
SEAL came along?
It's easy to ride nice and steady, staying 
in our comfort zones. Riding hills at the same speed.
And covering the same distance.
Our legs know what's coming.

They don't need to get stronger.
It makes 'shit too comfy!'
Getting comfortable on your rides is a sure fire way to make your progress stagnate.
Instead, you need to push your boundaries.

Try some intervals on the bike just like SEAL did with 
Jesse out running.
Ride at a steady pace for a mile, then go HARD for a mile. Give it
everything you've got. Get to the point where you can feel your 
pulse pounding in your neck.
Proper effort.
Then go easy for a mile.
And repeat. 
If you want to improve your fitness on the bike.

If you want to push your limits.

And if you want to get faster..
You NEED to get out of your comfort zone 
and work hard! 
Smash it.
Matt Mooney