I'm back :)

Well it feels AGES since I've written an email...but 
I'm now back home and back to work.

Hopefully you've enjoyed the past couple of weeks emails 
that I pre-wrote. If they weren't quite as good as normal I 
apologise...but I couldn't go 2/3 weeks without you getting 
your daily email! 

If you emailed me at all over the past 3 weeks I'll get back to you today or over the 
next couple of days. 
I've missed riding that's for sure - it's been over 2 weeks without a 
ride! I'm craving it bad! I'll be out tonight and can't wait.
So in today's email I want to talk about the benefits of sitting down
and really planning what you want to achieve, how much 
you want to train...and really get everything down on paper in 
an organised manner. I'm going to do that by word-vomiting 
just what's been going through my head while I've been away.
When I was away I had a good think about how I want my week to look, how much training I want to do, what I want to achieve riding wise etc.
The months leading up to holiday were spent working most 
hours either with clients or putting together the MTB Fitness 12
Week Weightloss Programme (more on that this week...but we
are on track for a very early October launch. It's with the designer
as we speak) which meant that training and riding suffered. I'd still
ride once or twice a week and train 2 or 3 times but they would be 
squeezed in to a 60 minute gap and short sessions...rather than really focused.
Now I'm back and the MTB Fitness programme is nearly 
complete I'm committing more time to riding and training.
I think when you have a break it gives you a chance to assess every 
area of your life and see what you are nailing and where you might 
be lacking. Where you are satisfied and where you aren't.
For those interested...my new training weekly regime is as follows : 
Monday - MTB Ride 15ish miles 
Tuesday - Weight session 
Wednesday - Rest Day 
Thursday - Weights Session 
Friday - MTB Ride 15ish miles 
Saturday - Interval session either out on the bike or on a static bike
Sunday - Rest 

So in total that's 3x rides and 2x weights sessions with 2 rest days.
My aim is to get as fit and strong as possible on the bike first and foremost 
and then second to that improve my speed on the bike on the downhills.
I also want to drop a couple kg body fat (I blame the M&M pancakes 
for breakfast...damn you Mickey!)

And finally I want to improve my natural energy levels and improve 
​​​​​​​my immune system by looking after myself a little more...as part of this 
I aim to finish work on my MTB Fitness days (M/W/F) at 7pm and then 
spend an hour reading training/nutrition/mindset books before 
chilling with Sophie for a couple of hours before bed.
I worked till 9/9.30pm most nights before I went
away...but I was getting ill regularly, needing coffee to keep my energy
up and was just running myself into the ground. You can only work
6.30am-9pm for so long. I think to keep my energy high 
over the next 3 years while I build MTB Fitness into what's hopefully a 
​​​​​​​thriving business I, ironically, need to back off slightly and take a little 
​​​​​​​more time to chill and a little less time to work.
I want to back off ever so slightly...be more productive in the day...and have those chill
hours in the evening to have that bit more of a focus on my fitness and health.
I think my Grandad passing away in the summer has also helped 
get clarity on this.
It's made me incredibly motivated to make a success 
of MTB Fitness and help as many of you as possible to get fitter, faster 
and stronger on the bike so you can enjoy the outdoors and your riding more (my
Grandad loved the outdoors). And it's also made me realise I need to prioritise 
my own riding and training time too and also my time with Soph.
Interestingly I think working 2 or 3 hours less a day and increasing my 
focus on my health and fitness will actually 
make my work better because I'll be less knackered...we shall see.
So why am I writing this to you today?
Because I think it might be interesting to see how my mind works when it comes 
to structuring my week of training, prioritising what's important and also setting 
I think the important thing to take from this email is it should 
​​​​​​​be obvious how much time I've spent thinking and assessing while 
i've been away.
When you are caught up in busy daily life you don't always get the chance 
to think objectively about how each area of your life is (work/fitness/health/
relationships etc.) and you can become imbalanced - nailing one or two 
areas but letting others suffer. I want this email to spur you to take a little
time to just consider and assess where you are happy or unhappy with 
your fitness/weight/energy levels etc.
I think taking the time to assess
what you are doing at the moment, deciding
whether or not it's good enough...and then coming
up with a plan to move forward is SUPER important. 
Hopefully this email will make you mindful of 
your goals, prioritises, weekly actions and just 
​​​​​​​make you consider your direction and time 
allocation as a whole like I did while away.
Thanks for reading
I feels wicked to be back.
I'll email tomorrow 
Matt Mooney