I came dead last at bowling

At the weekend I went bowling with Sophie 
and her parents.

I absolutely SUCKED for the first few games.
I came 2nd, 3rd, 3rd and then 4th.
I was well pi##ed off haha.
The thing is though, the more worked up I got the 
more and more I wanted to do well. And so the 
harder I tried. I'd put all my focus and effort into
the through...really trailing to nail it straight through
the middle pin...
And then as soon as it was out of my hand it would be 
in the gutter and I'd get no points.
All three of them had had strikes and teased me 
with their 'Strike Samba' dance, while I couldn't 
do it! haha

My very last game was different though...
I calmed the whole thing down.
Bowled a lot slower.

And really focused on my technique.
I ended up with 3 strikes, 2 spares and won the game
getting the high score of the day! 

The difference?

I didn't try as hard.

I relaxed.
I let it flow.
I stayed calm and relaxed.

And I just chilled the F out.
Now how does that sound exactly like Mountain Biking? 
I'll let you take the parallels.
But just remember - some times if your riding 
is going crap. You may just be trying too hard

Matt Mooney