How to ride better in your 40's than your 30's

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"You really can see the difference when you fuel the body with the right fuel. 22 personal records today. I changed my way of eating 4 months ago. I'm 46 now and I'm beating my records.
When I was in my 30's I used to eat enything and everything. I would ride all day long, but feel slow and sluggish, my body was burning fatty foods off before I would fly. Now I'm 10 years older and on some trails I'm 30 minutes faster 💪👍🏻💨🚵🏻 Yes 30 minutes! With a good few tips off this fellow rider MTB fitness as well, thank u! I eat lots off veg and protein and rest is important. Happy pedalling!"
I thought you would enjoy this short post
It just show's how important nutrition and rest are.
Age is genuinely just a number.
If you :
- Eat right
- Train right
- Recover right

Then you can be much fitter than your younger years.
You just have to put the work in consistently and
get rid of the limiting belief that your 'best years are
​​​​​​​behind you'.
I call BS on that.
If you are over 40 now, or coming up to it, your best years
can be in front of you.
You just need to commit.
Be open to learning and trying new ways of training and eating.
And, above all, put in the work! 

Have a cracking weekend
Matt Mooney