How to get rid of your Aches and Pains

Ryan Bilau, the owner of Dialled Mag
sent me this email last week :

"As I sit here with my aching knee, muscle tweak
above the other knee and tight calf, I wonder if there's
any value in an article on training with injuries or niggles?"

It's a good question!

How should you train when you have niggles, aches and
pains and small injuries?

Second to seeing a Physio (this should be step 1), there are
2 main things you want to do get rid of your niggles and
aches and pains :

1. Stretch and improve your flexibility

2. Weight train

A lot of niggles and pains tend to be caused by either tightness, weakness
or muscle imbalances where one side/muscle is stronger than the other.

The correct the tightness you want to spend
plenty of time on flexibility work stretching and also
on weight training performing exercises through a full
range of motion to improve your posture and flexibility.

To get rid of any weakness and correct those
muscle imbalances you also want to weight train.

The thing is...we spend so much time in a seated, hunched
over position these days that everything tightens up
​​​​​​​into that hunched over and sat position.

We Drive to work

We sit at a desk

We drive home

We go for a ride where 80% of our time is sat in the saddle.

Then we sit and watch TV

​​​​​​​This causes poor posture and weak muscles. It can only
be corrected so much on the bike (riding can actually
exacerbate the problems some times)

To correct your posture, improve your flexibility and strengthen
​​​​​​​your muscles so you get less niggles you need to stretch often
and start lifting weights (or doing bodyweight exercises at home)

Cheers​​​​​​​ and have a great week

Matt Mooney

Great photo from Phil Fisk!