How to get rid of the summer belly

You might be one of many who over-indulged 
over the summer.
Despite being able to ride a little more in the good weather most 
people et different over the summer.
There's more boozy nights...
More barbecues and bad food...
And all inclusive holidays (need I say more) 

So, I think it would be useful today to share 3
tips to get rid of that summer belly. The more 
weight you carry on the bike, the harder those
hills are going to be...
1. Eat a TON of veg and protein
Calories count. They are the number one factor when it 
comes to losing weight. But it's hard to eat less calories 
when you are STARVING. 
A meal of 1 chicken breast with a whole broccoli 
contains less calories than a pack of crisps or a
Mars bar.

You don't need to eat a full broccoli for one meal...but 
which of those do you think will fill you up for longer?
The protein and veg will take longer to digest and fills 
more physical space in your stomach making it 
much less calorie dense than something like a mars 
bar or bag of crisps which will leave you hungry again
after 30 minutes.
2. Drink plenty of water
You need to be hydrated fully to lose weight effectively. The best way to 
check is to just check the colour or your pee.
If it's yellow or dark yellow you may be 
dehydrated. A clear/very light yellow 
colour and you are probably all good.
2-3l+ of water/tea/coffee a day is about spot on!
3. Buddy up
Chances are you have a friend/family member/riding buddy/colleague who
is in the same boat as you and needs to lose a few pounds after the summer.
Buddy up with them and hold each other accountable.
Train together.
Keep each other on track.
And support each other. It makes a BIG difference.
Get grafting now and you
will have those extra pounds off in no time.
Get to it :) 

Matt Mooney