How To Get Out Of A Riding-Rut

It's easy to get stagnant with your 
riding and training.
When you ride the same trails and same descents...

On the same bike...
At the same time of the day, its easy to get into 
a rut and lose your 'oomph' for riding.
It happens to us all. I notice it mainly happens due 
to a bit of boredom. Part of the fun of riding is 
the exploration. The excitement of not knowing 
what will be around the next corner. Or the fitting 
of that new component and not knowing how you 
will find it.
When you know every inch of every trail you ride.
When you know the fastest lines. And you don't need
to think on the descents and can do them 
on auto pilot.
Well that's when you need to make a change.
I find a great way to kick you out of that rut and get you 
squirming in your seat all day at work and watching the 
clock until you can get out on your bike is to mix things up.
Try a new trail or new area.
Buy some new bits for your bike.
Buy some new riding gear. 
Ride at a different time of day. If you normally ride at night...try a morning
ride before work nice and early. If you normally ride in the afternoon...try 
a night ride with lights.
Ride your normal loop backwards.
Ride with different people.
Book a cottage or b+b somewhere you have never ridden and go explore.
Book in with a guide for a day.
Go on a coaching day. 
Do SOMETHING to mix up your riding. It's amazing how much
more psyched you get to ride when you do things a little differently.
You'll be amazed...
It makes such a big difference.
So, if you feel a little demotivated or in a rut, use these 
tips to blast yourself straight out of it! 
And remember, you can check out the 12 Week training programme if 
you REALLY want to push your riding to the next level :

Matt Mooney