How to get in the zone pre-ride

It's rare that you have a fantastic ride where 
everything just 'clicks' by accident. It's almost 
impossible to have a ride like this when you 
are rushed, hungry, your bike needs a clean 
and you are hungover.
The key to a good ride...or at least increasing your 
chances of having a really good to make 
sure you are in a great place before you ride.
Where you can make sure you leave more than 
enough time for a ride so you don't feel you 
have to rush around.
Make sue you eat right before you head out and pack plenty 
of good food for your ride.
Mentally plan your route before you ride and 
picture all the climbs and descents and think
how you are going to tackle them all.
Spend 20 minutes with a coffee watching motivational 
videos and kick arse riding videos to get you in the zone.
When you get your kit on get some music on loud that gets 
you psyched...for me it's something like Red Hot Chili Peppers, 
Linkin Park or some dance music...that kind of thing.
Double check your bike is all good (your tyres are up etc.) 
The key to a good ride is to make sure you 
are in a positive place BEFORE you ride.

If you are 5 minutes late and rushing around to get everything 
ready then you won't be in anywhere near as good of a mindset 
and it will take you the first 20 minutes of the ride to calm down 
and get in the zone.
Next time you ride take a little time before 
to get yourself focused.

Setting yourself a mini-goal can also really help.
You might single out one or 2 climbs or 1 or 2 descents 
and commit to really nailing those on your ride and putting
in 110% effort.
What I want you to takeaway from this email : 
Be mindful of what you do before you ride.
It has more of an affect on the quality of your ride than you may realise.
Matt Mooney