How to get and stay motivated

A few people on Facebook this weekend 
have told me that motivation, when it comes
to food and alcohol, is their biggest struggle. 
They'll blast it for a few days, then lose focus and motivation
and have a few beers and a pizza, then throw in the towel and
slip back into old habits. do you get and STAY motivated to eat well and drink less?
A lot of it comes down to commitment. 
It's easy to say you'll eat better on a whim without
​​​​​​​really committing to it. 

It's easy to say you'll drink less.
What it need is a real COMMITMENT
First of all - setting a real tangible goal and writing it down
is a good place to start.
Rather than saying you'll "eat better and lose some weight"
to yourself write a real tangible goal, with a deadline and 
how you are going to achieve it.
So for example : 
"I will lose 2 stone by my biking holiday on June 12th, by 
​​​​​​​eating good meals everyday and allowing myself 1 cheat 
meal and 3 pints per week"
Write it down and stick it on your fridge
​​​​​​​Straight away you can see the difference in commitment
than just saying you will lose 'some' weight and eat 'better'.
It's much more specific.

It has a deadline.
And it's written down.
Then you need to track your progress as you move towards
that date. Every 2 weeks I take my clients measurements 
and weight and every 4 weeks I do progress photos. 
You always have a 2 week block to graft and eat well, and then
see your progress every 2 weeks. 
measuring your progress with a tape measure and the scales (if 
weightloss is your goal) will really help with this. 
Then you need to stay focused.
If you have a goal you should be focused on it ALL THE TIME.
Personally I find this easy. I always think about my goals, to
​​​​​​​the point where I'll drive Sophie (my other half) mad, because
I'll talk about it all the time. So this has never been an issue for me
However if you find yourself not thinking about your goals for
​​​​​​​2 or 3 days then you need to remind yourself DAILY.
Take time to read your goal
​​​​​​​Watch a motivational video and think about your goal.
​​​​​​​Put some music on in the car and get psyched about 
getting that 2 stone off and feeling awesome on your
​​​​​​​riding holiday and smoking your mates.
​​​​​​​Get excited DAILY about your goals - and then countdown until
your next measurement date.
Finally look at holding yourself accountable.
My clients like how through paying me and having a set date
where I measure them they HAVE to stick to it.
Consider teaming up with a mate and setting a bet. Whoever falls
​​​​​​​off the plan pays the other one £20 for example.

Or have a set date where you and a mate WHO WON'T FLAKE OUT
weigh and measure yourselves at the gym
Having someone holding you accountable helps a huge amount.
Try the above steps and I bet you'll see a big difference
in your motivation levels! 

Hope that helps
​​​​​​​Matt Mooney