How to beat cramp

I've covered how to beat cramp 
a few times in the past but I still 
get asked about it so I thought it 
would be useful for me to write an email 
on the causes of cramp for those who 
haven't seen any of my past posts on it :) 
So there are 3 main causes of cramp above all others ; 
1. Lack of fluid 
2. Lack of salts 
3. Tight fascia
First of all is a lack of fluid. If you aren't hydrated 
and drinking enough then don't be surprised if you
get cramp. Dehydration is the biggest cause of cramp.
You don't want to just drink though for 
want to ensure you take on electrolytes on any rides over 
about 90 minutes (or every ride in how weather). The 
salts you lose through sweating need to be replaced
If you end up losing too many salts you can get cramp.
Finally an also common cause of cramp
is tight fascia around your muscles.

Think of the fascia around your muscles as a sausage skin.
When that gets tight or knotted it pulls tight around your muscles
and restricts the blood flow. This can cause cramp too.
To combat this try and stretch daily and use a foam roller/sports 
massage on any real tight muscles.
If you are hydrated and flexible you should find 
you get less cramp issues! 

Hope this helps :) 

Matt Mooney