He Won The MegaAvalanche

I spent the day at Fli Distribution today, the sole distributor for
KTM Mountain and Road Bikes in the UK. 

It was a great setup. Really interesting. To be honest, before I 
went over my view of KTM bikes was that they are a little
'un-cool' and unknown. My view has completely changed, and 
while I haven't ridden one yet, I'm a fan of the brand.

Col, one of the owners, is an insane rider. Who used to ride
DH World Cup for Yeti and has WON the Mega-avalanche.

We went out for a ride for a couple of hours. A few lessons 
popped up along the way, which I thought you'd enjoy reading
​​​​​​​and can apply to your riding : 

Take extra food! 
Col told us the ride would be a quick hour loop. It turns out the 
hour loop is flat out...in the summer...when the trails are dry.

​​​​​​​Today the trails were anything BUT dry. In fact we were in a headwind 
on every road climb and almost cranks deep in mud on every ride.

As it was only an hour, I'd taken no food (rookie error). I got SO hungry
about 90 minutes in. In fact I started to go dizzy and light headed. I realised
​​​​​​​I had some sweets in my bag. Best sweets I've ever tasted.
Still, there's two lessons here : always bring food. And always have 
emergency food! An hour ride can turn into 2. And a 2 hour ride 
can turn into 4. Plan accordingly. 
Ride with someone faster than you
Col was on his local trails and was in good shape. It was a matter of 
working hard on the climbs to keep pace and fun watching his line 
​​​​​​​choice and very-aggressive attack position in the downhills.

You learn a lot watching better, more experienced riders than you.
Do your best to ride with fitter riders where you can! 

​​​​​​​Have a laugh
Don't take the ride too seriously! It was 2 degrees. Raining. Windy.
And muddy. If you didn't have a sense of humour and joked around on
the way it would have made the ride SO much harder.

Mindset is everything.
Don't train legs before if you expect to perform! 
I did a minging new leg workout yesterday. 100 rep leg extensions.
Dropsets. Heavy leg presses. Heavy deadlifts. Safe to say my legs 
were WEAK this morning. Not the best when you want to ride 
well. It's good to get fitter - my legs feel SO SORE right now, which
is a good sign I've shocked them into getting fitter and stronger...but 
if I really needed to perform well on the bike today it wouldn't have been 
good timing.
​​​​​​​So, those are my lessons from today's ride. 
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Matt Mooney