Good news for the coffee lovers like me

It's no secret that I LOVE coffee.
Take away alcohol, chocolate, sweets, cakes, pizza, anything...and I'll 
probably cope. Try to take away my coffee though and I think we'll have 
a fight on our hands! I can't remember the last day I didn't have a coffee! 
The good news, is coffee has big benefits before you ride or train.
If you have a coffee 30 minutes before a ride or workout you'll enjoy
the following benefits : 
- Increased focus and concentration 
- More motivation 
- Quicker reactions 
- Greater endurance
- More power and strength 
- A lower RPE (how hard the ride/workout feels)
- More energy 
All that one from cup of the black loveliness! 
Just remember with Caffeine - if you have a lot of it you can become 
used to it and so the benefits aren't the same. I try to stick to 2 cups 
a day with 3 at a max if I didn't get much sleep for any reason .
For the best results you would only have caffeine before your
2nd best to this is limiting your intake. 
The more caffeine you drink the less the effect. I've had clients in the past
who've drunk 8+ cups of coffee a day and not feel ANY effects from 
it because their adrenal glands were shot from the constant caffeine 
I also like to add coconut oil to my coffee as you may know. The MCT fatty acids in the 
coconut oil bind to the caffeine making the affects last longer and stopping you having
a big caffeine crash afterwards
As if you needed an excuse to drink coffee?! 

Matt Mooney