Fail to prepare (your meals) and prepare to fail

When it comes to riding performance,
nutrition is SO important. 
Not just what you eat before, during
and after a ride but what you eat 
the rest of the time. 
Whether you are super lean already, or 
need to lose a few pounds (or stone!)
you'll benefit from eating well.
Another trainer in the gym made a comment 
last week about how dedicated one of my
clients is to getting results.
He turns up to every session with
me with 3 or 4 meals prepared in
tupperware boxes ready for him
to eat at work after he goes.
He's got wicked results - and it's unsurprising because he's
so organised and dedicated to his food! 
Nutrition is important for so many reasons!

Just a few are : 
- Increased energy through the day and during rides
- Increased concentration again through the day, but
especially while riding
- Keeps your weight down, thus increasing your 
power : weight ratio (and drag if you are an XC 
rider due to you literally being smaller)
- Crucial for proper recovery between rides 
- Keeps your immune system functioning. If you are
ill, you can't ride 
- Makes you look and feel better 
- Makes your mind and body perform better. Ridden on a hangover?
Or after a heavy meal? You'll know the difference proper
And SO many other benefits.
Seriously, if you aren't currently nailing your food
this is one of the BEST things you can do to improve
both on and off the bike.
The best thing to do?
Do like my client and prepare your meals
in tupperware boxes for the day after.

Sure, it takes a bit of discipline and forward planning, but the 
​​​​​​​bonus of having your food there and ready for you the day after 
makes it so much easier to avoid popping for a Greggs instead
of having a healthy lunch.
I get dead lazy with it and just throw 3 chicken breasts on the top shelf 
of the oven.
Some sweet potato/potatoes or whatever carbs I'm having and then 
a tray of vegetables on the bottom shelf.
Put it all in 3 separate tupperware boxes and you are set for the day after.
Matt Mooney