Big Announcement - The MTB Fitness 12 Week Training Programme

I'm very excited to announce that on Monday 12th February at 7pm, I will be launching the very first MTB Fitness 12 Week Mountain Bike Training Programme!

Those who have been following me over the past 18 months know it's been a long journey. I've spent literally hundreds of hours creating this programme and worked with a professional graphic designer to get it to the quality I feel you deserve. I wanted to get it right.

The 12 Week Programme contains :

- MTB specific training programmes, periodised over the 12 weeks. You have 2-3 plans to follow per week. These are updated every 2 weeks, for the 12 weeks. You can choose between completely separate plans for training at home with very little equipment (you'll just need a resistance band) OR training in the gym. All the plans have HD video's demonstrating each exercise and are super specific to get you the best results on the bike.

- 12 weeks of specific intervals to follow, that get you fitter at every aspect of MTBing. Whether it be short, sharp sprints...or the long, extended climbs, these intervals will massively improve your fitness! You can complete these on a static gym bike, turbo or outside on a 'real' bike.

- Daily stretches to improve and correct your 'riders posture'. Mountain bikers' aren't renowned for their great posture. We spend hours hunched over on the bike and end up with big imbalances in strength and tightness of muscles. This can cause weakness, limited movement on the bike and a much higher chance of injury and joint aches & pains. The daily stretches will help you correct this and develop 'good' posture.

- Detailed guidance on goal setting, proper recovery and much more...

I am simultaneously launching the MTB Fitness Members Group
on Facebook (feel free to pre-join, and I will accept you when I launch on Monday). This is a free Facebook group, open to all, where you can chat to other followers and specifically people going through the programme with you! You can talk to other positive people working to improve their fitness and chat about your progress through the programme. As well as this, followers of the programme will be able to ask their specific questions in the group, which will allow you to answer all your questions and also get support from me.

More :

I originally planned to launch the programme to only 25 people at a time, every 12 weeks. I thought long and hard about this and have decided that I want to help every rider who wants, and needs, my help with their training. With 23,500+ followers it would take a LONG time to help everyone who wants guidance. There will therefore be no limit to the number of people who can buy the programme when it launches.

The 12wk programme was initially going to cost £180, which would include 1-1 support via email. Instead, I'm going to charge a MUCH lower price of only £30 for the full 12 weeks. You will also still be able to get my, and other followers, support through the Facebook group. The reason for the much lower price, is I want to make the programme readily available to every mountain biker, as I strongly believe this will transform your riding.

My aim is to grow MTB Fitness into the go-to name for all things mountain bike fitness over the next few years. I aim to massively over-deliver with this programme and get you fantastic results on the bike, so you can become a raving fan of MTB Fitness.

Thanks so much for your patience on the launch. I get asked all the time when it's coming and it feels amazing to be able to announce it today. I would love to hear your thoughts and questions?

Thanks a million