Be consistent and stick at it

One thing I see a LOT of when people are trying to improve 
their fitness on the bike and lose weight is trying a lot 
of different things, for a short period of time.
Juices for breakfast one week.
Weetabix next week.
Low carb the next week.
Low fat the following week.
With training they will try intervals for a couple of week.
Then do some weight training.
Then take up rock climbing.
Before deciding they need to do some indoor skiing instead.
A lot of methods work...but only if you do 
them consistently overtime. You need to 
eat the same, healthy way for weeks and 
months and be super consistent with it to 
get the best results.
You need to do intervals weekly for at least 
8 weeks to see a real difference.
You need to ride consistently every week for a solid 
period of time to build up your long distance endurance.
And if you want to see improvements to your riding 
through cross-training with another sport like 
climbing or trail running then go for it...but stick
at it for a few months.
A lot of people want quick results.
The thing is, quick results aren't the best results
and they certainly aren't the longest lasting 
​​​​​​​Stick with it...and start thinking longer term
"Here's what I'm going to do from now...until February

"Here's what I'm going to do now until 10 days from now"
Be consistent. And stick at it.
Matt Mooney