An update on the 12 Week Programme

Hey Guys,
I've been quiet recently on the MTB Fitness 12 Week Weightloss Programme. There's one reason - because I've been working every hour outside of my clients to get it as awesome as it can possibly be. I wanted to give you an update today and show you a little bit behind the scenes on where it's up to...
So for those who don't know, very soon (and I'm sorry to not be more specific on a date just yet) I'll be launching the MTB Fitness 12 Week Weightloss Programme. This is a 12 week programme for mountain bikers who want to lose weight, first and foremost, while also getting fitter, faster and stronger on the bike.
The 12 week programme contains :
- Full training plans (a choice of bodyweight exercises at home or weights plans in the gym) for the full 12 weeks. These consist of 2 or 3 workouts per week in 3x 4 week blocks. All the plans contain every detail and a full video and screenshots demonstrating every exercise so you can get the technique spot on. These 4 week blocks are split into 3 sections - Correct, Strengthen, Power. First we correct your posture and correct any muscle imbalances, then we improve your strength and lactate tolerance, then we improve your power to get you as fast as possible, all while doing the best and most specific possible exercises for mountain bikers.
- Full interval training plans. These can be done outside, on rollers, or in the gym on a static bike. These detail specific intervals that train 3 specific areas of riding over the 12 weeks - base fitness, hill climbing and speed. These will improve every aspect of your riding in a structured and periodised way over the 12 weeks.
- Daily MTBer specific stretches to improve your movement on the bike, reduce pain, improve the muscle's ability to produce power, correct your posture and reduce the risk of injury.
- Full nutrition guidance showing you what to eat day to day and exactly what to eat before, during and after rides of every length (ride nutrition is different for short, medium and long term rides and I show you the specific differences in the plan). You'll learn everything you ever question on nutrition whether it be for your riding, for weightloss, for recovery for health, supplementation and for everything in between. No stone goes unturned and you also get...
- One-One support with me via email when you have any questions or need any support or guidance. This can be for anything at all. I'm here to help and support you personally. Besides being a 1-1 client with me in person this is the only other way to get this. 
- A Private Facebook Group for members of the programme to chat with other MTBers on the plan to get tips, advice and just generally to work together.
The above is just a portion of what the programme includes. When you start you are sent the 'MTB Fitness 12 Week Weightloss Programme' Booklet. This contains around 120 pages of detailed information. Everything you need to get fitter, faster and stronger on the bike and to lose weight. Not only your training and nutrition plans, but also detailed advice on motivation, training tips, how to lose weight, why we store fat, maximising recovery, improving sleep, dealing with stress and how it affects your riding and a LOT more.
With this plan I've aimed to give you everything you possibly need to lose weight while getting fitter, faster and stronger on the bike. Right now, and I've done a lot of research, I honestly don't believe there is a weightloss programme for mountain bikers that exists in such detail on the market...and so I can't wait to launch it to you guys.
As I'm sure you've gathered from reading this, there has been a LOT of work got into it (three, 10-12 hour days, per week for around 14 months so far). It's for this reason its taking slightly longer to launch than initially planned.

I have 2 options right now...

What I could do is rush the programme to finish for early October and potentially make a few last minute mistakes and let you guys down...OR...the better option in my opinion, take a little more time to make sure everything is perfect and then launch it so it will really do you guys justice and bring the best results. I've chosen the latter...
As we speak the booklet is with the designer. All the video's are filmed and edited. The emails you receive every 3 days on the plan are written and scheduled (a bonus I haven't mentioned) and it's all VERY close to completion. It just needs a tad more time.
I hope you are as excited as I am.
We will be launching really soon to an initial 25 members only. I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments and questions?
Cheers guys and enjoy the sneak peeks inside the programme booklet and one of the exercise video's on my facebook page

Thanks a million for your patience and support ❤️
Matt Mooney