A Small insight from my clients

This article was written for Dialled Mag

A few of my clients set weekly goals 
for themselves and then check in with 
me to tell me how they got on at the end 
of the week.
An example : 
My client might set a goal of 2 gym sessions, 2 rides 
and 3 30 minute stretching sessions.
AND a goal of no alcohol until Saturday night.
We will check in on Sunday and see how it all went.
What these goals do is get you super focused for the 
week and ensure you know exactly what you want 
to achieve for the week ahead.
It's easy to rush through the week and get to Thursday and 
realise you haven't eaten right - haven't trained - and have 
only done a half arsed ride.
When you plan for the week in advance you know exactly what 
you need to achieve.

You can then be crystal clear of your goals for the week 
ahead and know exactly what you want to achieve.

This clarity in advance makes a huge difference to what 
you achieve in the week.

Just a short email this but I thought you might 
like the small insight.
I fly back overnight tonight by the way and I'm back 
in the UK tomorrow morning :) 
Will be replying to comments/messages etc. by the 
end of the week! 

Matt Mooney