A kick up the arse from the Navy Seals

There's a great quote in the 40% video I shared with 
you yesterday : 
"If it doesn't suck we won't do it"

It's a quote from the Navy Seals that I 
just thought was awesome.
If you want to be fitter and faster on the bike.
If you want to be stronger.
If you want to be slimmer and lose weight.
You aren't going to enjoy everything 
you need to do to get there.
Is bashing out intervals until you are burping up sick and your legs 
are complete jelly fun?
Is prepping your meals at 10pm after a long day fun?
Is riding in sideways wind and torrential rain the best 
ride you have ever had?

Is turning down the pint for a soda and lime awesome? 


But you are going to have to do things you 
don't enjoy, you are going to have to sacrifice,
if you really want to hit your goals! 
It's not all going to be fun. It's definitely not all 
going to be easy. But the person who does 
what they needs to do. Who does all the training 
sessions and all the weight sessions. And who 
eats well 99% of the time, is the one who's going 
to be the slimmest, fittest and fastest.
If you want that person to be you the remember the quote : 

"If it doesn't suck, we don't do it"

​​​​​​​Smash it this weekend 
Matt Mooney