4 tips for training towards an endurance event

I've had a few emails from people 
asking me their advice on training 
for long distance endurance events.
I thought I would cover some tips to help you plan 
towards entering an endurance event in this 
Now first of all - the longer the event...the more hours you need to put in.
(tip 1) Now this might sound obvious...but sometimes you only 
realise after you have signed up for an event what you 
have really let yourself in for.

The longer the event, the more time you are going to need 
to commit towards training. 

You could get away with a lot less riding and training
for a 25 mile event than you could a 50 mile event. And the 
​​​​​​​same applies for a 100 mile event vs a 50 mile.

​​​​​​​Know when you are choosing your event that the longer it 
is, the more time you will need to commit each day and 
week to training for it.
If you are the type of person who can only train/ride for 1 hour
3 times a week maybe choose a slightly easier event than a 24 
hour solo ride.
Be realistic with how much time you can train every week...then if 
​​​​​​​it seems realistic get entered into the event! 

Alright, now for some proper training tips : 
1. Put the miles in

​​​​​​​Nothing compares to hours in the saddle. There's no way 
to hack it. There's no way to take shortcuts.

Yes...you absolutely can optimise your training and nutrition 
to get the best results from it...but don't think you can only 
do 20 mile rides in training and then head out on a 50 mile 
endurance event and nail it. Sure...you could complete it 
but from mile 25/30 onwards you will probably be flagging.

Instead, try to get as close to the target miles as you can 
​​​​​​​in training and you will find it WAY easier when event day comes.

​​​​​​​Just like marathon runners train up to 20ish miles and then complete 
the 26 on the day you need to do similar.

​​​​​​​If you are entering a 50 mile event and can build up from say a 20 mile 
ride to 40/45 miles (or even the full 50) before the event you will 
find it SO much easier on the day and will enjoy it so much more.

If you can...commit to doing an all day ride every week or every other week.
​​​​​​​2. Double up 

If you struggle for time to get in a 3+ hour ride, consider doubling up
and training twice a day. You could head out for a 10 mile ride before 
work...then get on the bike again after work and do another 10/15/20 
mile ride.

What that will do is force your body to get better at 'endurance' as your 
​​​​​​​body will already be tired.

Another way to do this is to train in the gym before a ride. You might do a leg session
in the gym just before you do a 15 mile ride (straight out of the gym). What this 
​​​​​​​does is takes you way out of your comfort zone and gets you riding when 
​​​​​​​you are already knackered. 

Thinking of ways to double up on sessions can make the most of the little time you
3. Intervals 

​​​​​​​As well as getting the distance in, you need to be doing intervals.

For Endurance events look at doing hill intervals and also longer 5/10 minute 
hard effort intervals.
Doing this in the gym, on a spin bike or out on the proper bike 
is all good. Just make sure you factor in some interval 
​​​​​​​training into your workout plans each week. It really helps 
speed up the improvements in your fitness and gets you so much 
fitter, so much faster than just doing the lower-intensity, longer 
distance work! 

Hope these tips helped

I'll send soon if you enjoyed this? 


Matt Mooney