3 pre-ride videos

In yesterday's email 
I talked about how I like 
to spend 20 minutes before
a ride watching videos 
that get me in the mood to ride.
Well I thought you might like some recommendations 
for video's from me today.
Here's 3 I like to watch pre-ride depending on the mood I'm 
in and the kind of ride I want : 
- The 40% rule

The Navy Seals have a belief that when you think
you are done you are only 40% finished! This video 
digs into this and reminds you that your body 
can give SO much more than you think. If you have 
some gruelling climbs to conquer this video is awesome : 
- Race Plate 139

This is one of Curtis Keene's On Track series. It's dedicated to 
the rider Will Olson who died while racing enduro. 
It's just so moving and reminds you we won't be here forever. It's 
SUPER  emotional. I watch this when I want to really 
enjoy my ride and feel grateful for just being able to ride! I've you've 
had a shit day and you don't want to ride watch this video. It restores 
perspective SO fast. I've cried watching this video before...I'll forgive you
if you do the same :
- Madeira Dreaming

You've no doubt seen this video of Josh Bryceland ripping up
on his new Bronson in Madeira. It's a great feel-good video 
that gets you well in the mood to ride! 


And here's a bonus one for you that I like to listen to 
when I'm training on a static bike. You'll pedal a damn 
sight quicker with this in your ears. 

"You have to ruuuuuun!"
Hope you enjoy the videos! 

Matt Mooney