20 tips to better sleep

Sleep is not the first thing you think of 
when it comes to riding.
And it sure as hell isn't the most exciting.
But it's crucial.
See, if you aren't getting a quality 6-8 hours sleep
per night then you aren't recovering as well as you
could be between rides and workouts
You won't be as sharp and focused as you could be.
And your energy levels and motivation won't be at their peak. 
I've gone to town in this email with 20 tips to sleep better.
These will help you whether you sleep crap - to sleep better. Or if you
sleep really well they will help improve the quality of your sleep.
Here's 20 quick fire tips to sleep better - 
1. Turn off all technology 1 hour before bed

2. Take a bath or warm shower straight before bed.
3. Read for 30 minutes before
4. Stop drinking caffeine at 2pm
5. Have a warm drink (non caffeine) before bed
6. Eat a high carb meal in the evening (it increases serotonin which 
is a precursor to melatonin)
7. Have a pitch black room
​​​​​​​8. Have comfy, high quality sheets 
9. Buy a good quality mattress
10. Use a sleep tracker to assess sleep quality (apps on your phone)
11. Meditate before bed.
​​​​​​​12. If you mind works overtime then write down all your to-do's in bed so 
you can stop thinking about them 
13. Play calming music in/before bed 
14. Use lavender sprays on your pillow
15. Taper your water so you drink more in the morning and 
less at night so you don't have to wake for the toilet
16. If you fight with your partner for room get a bigger bed
(or get her/him to sleep on the floor!) 
17. Take a magnesium supplement before bed (this relaxes
the neural system)​​​​​​​
18. Remove all electricals from your room
19. Make sure the room is the perfect temperature 
20. Make it as quiet as possible. Where possible sleep away
from busy roads/pathways. Where ear plugs if needs be! 

Pick a few of those tips applicable to you and I
​​​​​​​bet you notice a difference in your sleep quality :) 

Ride hard this weekend 
Matt Mooney