12 Week Mountain Bike Training Programme Questions

Yesterday I announced the MTB Fitness 12 Week 
Training Programme that launches on Monday! 
A few common-recurring questions got asked off the back 
of it, so I wanted to answer them today! 

If you are interested in buying the 12 week programme when 
it launches on Monday, you'll probably find this 

How do I buy it?! 

On Monday at 7pm the website will go live and you'll be able to 
buy the programme. You'll get a link to buy in your daily email
when it opens and it will also be on my Facebook and Instagram
I really struggle for time, can I make this work? 
So I knew that a lot of people who want to do the programme, would struggle
with time. Working 1-1 with clients in the gym, a lot of whom have large time 
commitments whether from high-stress jobs or busy family lives (or both), I 
totally appreciate the struggle to get your workouts in and the need for flexibility.
I factored this hugely into the plan. You can choose between home or gym workouts.
Those struggling for time may want to do the 'home' plans. They take 30-40 
​​​​​​​minutes and only require a resistance band to do, which you can easily 
take anywhere with you. This means you can get up 30 minutes earlier in the morning or stay ​​​​​​​up 30 minutes later to do the plan. You can do it in a hotel room, or in your lunch 
break. You can also combine the workouts or double up, so you may do a gym
​​​​​​​session and then your intervals straight after. Essentially, whatever time you 
have available, you can make the plan work in as long as you have the mindset
of making it work.
Is it a DVD?
The programme takes the form of a 55 page PDF booklet. This means
you can download and access it on all your devices and have it
​​​​​​​with you wherever you go. The training programmes are contained in 
the booklet. Each exercise has a clickable link which takes you to 
a HD video demonstrating the exercise.
Will this help me with my [insert MTB discipline here]?

YES! I designed the programme to help all areas of mountain biking. Whether
​​​​​​​you are a downhiller, XC whippet, enduro racer, solo 24hr racer, weekend warrior or 
every-other-week-trail-rider you'l get massive benefits from the programme.
You'll have better posture, better flexibility, more strength and much better 
fitness and stamina on the mountain bike and feel huge benefits in your 
chosen MTB discipline.
Will this work even though I'm fat/old/unfit?
YES. So, you do the plans according to your own fitness levels, so everyone
will benefit from them. Here's a great example, a friend of mine has been 
training with me the past 4 weeks. We were doing the same plans...but on one
exercise I was doing 26kg dumbbells (step ups) where he was doing 15kg. At the 
end of the set, both of us were tired...but we did completely different weights. This
​​​​​​​applies exactly to the gym plans, the home plans and the interval workouts in 
​​​​​​​the programme. No matter whether you are super fit...or super UNFIT, you go 
at your own pace and work hard to improve.
​​​​​​​It doesn't matter if you are old, fat or unfit. You'll benefit from the plans and won't find them too hard (but they will be tough). On the other side of it, the most fit riders will still
​​​​​​​get huge benefits as you can just push yourself harder! 
Will this be available in other languages? 

People follow MTB Fitness from all around the world. Unfortunately the programme 
is just in english at the moment, but who knows what the future brings...
Thanks so much. I will take the time to answer any questions you 
have on the programme, so just hit reply and let me know if you 
have a specific question you would like to ask.

I really appreciate the support
Matt Mooney