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The idea for MTB Fitness came into fruition on January 22nd 2016. I, the founder of MTB Fitness - Matt Mooney, posted a survey into several MTB Facebook groups offering free advice on training and nutrition for MTBers and asking what they needed help most with. Within a few hours 1,000 people had responded and the free trial software I was using stopped accepting new respondents.

My hunch was right - riders were desperate for specific training, nutrition, recovery and mindset advice. I got to work. Working for free for 18 months I put out as much helpful content as I could and created the MTB Fitness 12 Week Training Programme, the first product to launch on February 12th 2018. I spent £300 per month of my own money, for 18 months, to advertise my free content and to fund the Graphic Design for the 12wk Programme.

Since then I've been working hard to help as many mountain bikers as I possibly can become fitter, faster and stronger on the bike. MTB Fitness is built on one belief - that if I can just get riders to eat better, to train more effectively off the bike and get their recovery and their mindset right, they will enjoy riding even more and live happier lives because of it.

Check out this Infographic to see what happens in an average 28 days at MTB Fitness now : 

I'm incredibly proud to see MTB Fitness grow, and I'll work my arse off to make sure it continues so I can help as many mountain bikers as I possibly can.

I gave a brief talk to a group of personal trainers and strength coaches about MTB Fitness recently. One asked me - "Do you enjoy it?"

The feeling I got in my stomach and the smile that crept across my face really cemented the fact - I absolutely love it. I'm obsessed with it. I work on it everyday, 7 days a week. Anyone who's had a reply to a comment or email at 10pm on a Sunday knows that I absolutely love helping riders as much as I can everyday. I can't tell you how passionate I am about it.

I get to do what I love and it's all thanks to people like you that follow and support MTB Fitness. Thankyou so much to everyone who continues to follow MTB Fitness and for your continued support.

Here's to a fitter, faster and stronger you.

If you'd like to have a look at the training programmes and nutrition guides then just click here 


Matt Mooney

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  • Nigel Wing

    I have been back into my since October 2018 and taken part in one event the Motatapo Race in New Zealand. I now want to get my staminar up to improve my km per hour. I am realy looking forward to getting on your 12 week program. Keep up the facebook,instgram and podcasts.
    Check out the Christchurch Port hills on Trial forks as this is where I do my riding.
    Great media.
    Nigel wing Christchurch New Zealand

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